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Stock number identification

This is how we make up our stock numbers to identify the unit status for us and also for our valued customers.
We take the last four digits of the vehicle information number (vin) and place as a prefix the class of vehicle and the suffix is the status of the vehicle.

Example WC1719R
Winnebago Chalet (last 4 of the vin) then it is a Rental


S = Special factory order
I = Incoming from factory
H = It is here on the lot
R = Active rental unit
C = Consignment for sale
CR= Consignment for rent

We try to make your RV experience as easy as possible by allowing you to understand our inventory stock numbering system. If looking to rent or purchase a rental unit please contact us in advance to ensure that it is here for you to view. Your option is to "Try B-4 You Buy" and be sure that this RV suits your needs and let us get you set up enjoying the RV lifestyle.

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