Our staff preparing the RV for your use and enjoyment !!

It is important to all of us at Family RV that your trip is safe and fun. We act on any news and prepare our units for you for the best possible experience. CNN news and Biden confirmed that you should avoid confined spaces like airplanes that re-circulate air, closed in quarters that will amplify the problem of the Swine flu. They say to get out to the outdoors, where if someone coughs it is less likely to affect you. They say areas that people touch need to be cleaned and remove any possibility of transferring viruses. Our RV's are cleaned and inspected so that you can travel with confidence, enjoy the outdoors and your traveling experience.
We appreciate your business and take care in the quality of our motor homes and trailers for your use. We take hours to inspect and clean them prior to your departure to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip. When you pick up your RV it is ready to go except for orientation and physical inspection. If you encounter a problem on the road we are here to answer your questions. When you return the RV we go over the unit completely and discuss your trip. We want you to have the best trip ever in the best fleet available today for your enjoyment.
Ready for an Adventure?
Life is a road full of adventures, and we want to help you to explore this great country in a reliable RV that fits all your needs. Check out the testimonials we have received from other customers who have used Family RV for rentals, sales or service, and you will see that getting on the road in an RV is still a fun and affordable way to travel. We hope to see you soon at our dealership or on the road in an RV from Family RV!
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