Got a project or a simple repair, let us help you

Take a motor home that you want to modify for a special purpose or upgrade with different options, give us a call and see if we are able to help you out with your project.

Below you will find a story of a person and a company that had a budget and needed an RV company to procure a motor home and convert it into a classroom with a budget that needed to be met. Tough job but someone had to do it.

Family RV met Bruce Barsi (the summer of 2008. Rick Curts (Family RV Internet Specialist) spent many hours with Bruce with follow up calls and units to try and meet Bruce's needs.

Late in the summer a motor home came in that could possibly fit the need but needed quite allot of work to convert into the plans that Bruce had from (CHAC).

Bruce met Alan Cezar (owner of Family RV) and the numbers were put together and a time frame discussed. The unit was completed under the budget numbers and in advance of the time frame allowed.

CHAC and Bruce now have the unit and because of the quality and professionalism in handling the project Bruce wrote a testimonial for you to read.

Family RV has put together an album of photos that show this project in detail.

Whatever you need done to your RV Family RV can make it happen.

Pictures of the project

CHAC Purpose