The Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC) provides counseling to children and families in the Mountain View, Los Altos, and Los Altos Hills Community. CHAC Counselors offer services in all of the K-12 schools in each of the Cities.

During recent years, lack of space for CHAC Counselors has become a significant issue in many of the schools, reducing the number of children that have access to counseling. At one particular school, CHAC had Counselors available and a waiting list of children, but no space to do the counseling.

Beginning in the fall of 2008, CHAC received a grant to equip a mobile counseling vehicle which would provide supplemental space for counseling where it was needed the most. With the help of Family RV, a motorhome was purchased and then refurbished into two counseling offices. Alan and the staff of Family RV provided guidance and top quality work. The result has become affectionately know in the community as the "CHACmobile."

With the addition of the CHACmobile, the number of children which CHAC Counselors can work with at one school has almost trippled and the children love their sessions in the vehicle. Not only do we now have the space to get the counseling done, but the children have taken ownership of the CHACmobile and remain very motivated during their sessions.

The CHACmobile has definitely been a huge WIN WIN for CHAC and most importantly, the children!