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At Family RV we like all consumer's comments about our business and Yelp is a company that could do wonders if done correctly.
We have thousands of customers that are extremely happy and that is why we do our business, making customers happy.
Why just print those negative ones Yelp and who knows how correct they are?
Check out our Google Reviews that really tell the truth.
We are here to do business with good customers for life, thanks.

We did a little research on the internet to see what Yelp is all about, paying people and getting paid.
Check out Google and see what real people say about our company that do not get paid! See below some of our research

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Local Business cry help after Yelp reviews , you name it, probably has a review. WGN reports.
Yelp's ad pitch gets bad reviews from some Seattle-area business owners from WGNTV news.

By Sarmad Ali of Wall Street Journal
Nine small businesses have joined a lawsuit accusing local business review start-up Yelp Inc. of extortion and fraudulent business practices.

C Net News Internet & Media Yelp user faces lawsuit over negative review, Community reviewer who suggested a chiropractor was less than honest in his billing practices is accused of defamation in a lawsuit.

From the very beginning, Yelp was not friendly to business owners. As a co-founder of Yelp Russell Simmons said: "The site wasn't set up to serve businesses. It was meant to serve the consumer. Without the community of reviewers, there is no Yelp." Nevertheless, Yelp offers business owners their site for advertisement. And sometimes, when business refuses to pay Yelp for the advertisement, most of their positive reviews got "filtered."

Yelp, a popular review Web site that allows consumers to post reviews about businesses, has recently come under fire, according to The Detroit News. The site is being sued by multiple small businesses that claim Yelp pressures businesses to advertise on the site in exchange for filtering out bad reviews. In the lawsuit, businesses claim that Yelp removes bad reviews if you advertise with them, but if you don't, the negative reviews magically reappear. 

The Boston Channel: But some businesses claim Yelp's review process is unfair, and consumers might not be getting the unbiased advice they're looking for. Tanya Mitnick has owned Tete a Tete salon in Newton for 13 years. Until recently Yelp's list of her shop's reviews included many 5-stars ratings. Lately, that's all changed

Yelptruther's We blog
Got Yelp; Lies, Extortion, Fake Reviews, and more
Got Yelp? Hate or Love Yelp?
Yelp is a for profit online review site.
Customers and non-customers post what ever they like about any business or service which then becomes the property of Yelp.

Summary. Check for yourself on the company you want to do business with, visit their facility, speak to friends, see how they operate and deal with whom you believe you can trust to give you the best service. All of us at Family RV are here to answer all your questions and do our best to satisfy your requests. Thanks for reading.