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Rental insurance is important when you are renting a RV or Trailer, to ensure that you and your family have a fun and safe trip we want to make sure that the RV you are renting is insured before you leave our facility.

Obtaining a certificate of insurance from your auto insurance carrier is the most difficult part of the rental process since many insurance agents are not familar with the form needed.

When reserving an RV you are required to contact your auto insurance carrier to obtain an Insurance Binder/Certificate of Insurance/Endorsement form from your auto insurance provider. You will need to let your insurance agent know that you are renting an RV and that they need to fax Family RV the form that shows your coverages, deductibles, policy number, the RV's year, make, and vin number listed as the insured vehicle, and Family RV as an "additionally insured" or "loss payee." If you are renting a Trailer, the tow vehicle you are towing it with and the insurance on the tow vehicle must be in your name.

We have listed some sample insurance binders that we have received from some insurance companies, these samples are for viewing only and are not to be used. Your insurance agent will have the actual forms in their office to be completed. Please forward the sample listed below that pertains to your auto insurance to your insurance agent of they are not aware of which form to use. If you do not see your auto insurance company listed below, please contact them and ask them if they have a form they can fax. Do not have them send us proof of insurance, it needs to be a insurance binder or certificate of insurance.

21st Century
AAA Trailer
AAA Motor Home
Accord Chubb
All State Motor home & trailers
Farmers Motor Home
Farmers Motor home2
Geico Trailer
MercuryMotor home and Trailer
State Farm Trailer
State Farm Motor Home
Usaa Motor home
Usaa Trailer

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