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Rent to Own (RTO)

This is a program that we have been promoting for years now.

This is a program for those that have been challenged with credit concerns but still want to purchase an RV for their personal use.  How it works is Family RV Inc will rent an RV to you per month and at the end of the rental period the monies you have paid to us will be applied towards the purchase.

Here are the key points of the program:

  • a credit report is ran to determine your qualification
  • you chose the RV in stock that you desire
  • a deposit is required to start the program
  • monthly payments are given to Family RV Inc in advance
  • a service agreement is in place to cover any concerns
  • an interest rate is agreed upon
  • a term of rental is agreed upon
  • a price is agreed to purchase the vehicle during or after the rental

This is the main body of the rent to Own (RTO) program that will allow you to enjoy the comfort of a plan so that you may eventually own your own RV

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