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Travel Trailer

Larger lite weight trailer
Category: T4

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T4 - Travel Trailer

Accommodates 6 or more people for sleeping (some models):
A larger light weight trailer accomadating more room. You now can enjoy camping in your own luxury living. Designed for easy, towing, this amazing camper is the perfect companion for SUVs and families who desire more fuel efficiency. Kitchen Conveniences like microwave, stove top, refrigerator, air conditioning, forced heater, awning, plus much more!!
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Trailers need to be towed with the correct vehicle to ensure that the braking and electrical systems work. Please make sure that you know what the towing capacity is on your tow vehicle before reserving. You will then need to have us inspect your tow vehicle for proper hook up in advance of reservation pick up date.

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Available for purchase






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Floor plans may vary. The drawing and floor plan are examples only. Sleeping capacities do not mean like number of adults or full sized teenagers can be accommodated comfortably. The features, bed sizes, and amenities listed are representative and may be changed, added, or deleted without notice. The numerical vehicle lengths are approximate.