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Financing a recreational vehicle is trying sometimes due to lenders credit format. We suggest that you select the vehicle you are interested in and then send in an applicaiton to get pre-approved. RVers are able to take advantage of IRS tax deductions while enjoying their purchase.

Financing today has become a major obstacle in purchasing an RV; you should contact the RV loan professionals at Family RV in Morgan Hill to get pre-approved credit. Many people spend time and money to find the perfect RV, only to find at that moment they cannot get approved for a loan and set themself and their family up for a BIG disappointment. Click here to get pre-approved for an RV loan. 

Pre-purchase RV Inspections

Today if you can get a loan you want to make sure the RV you are buying has been inspected and you know it's condition. Our units are inspected carefully by our service department we will disclose to you our findings upon request, you can search through our inventory find the unit you want and ask us for the inspection report on that RV please give us your email address and the stk# of your choice. Email Sales to find out more.

RV Loan Types

Loans for new, large RVs typically range from 5 to 15 years, with many even extending 20 years. Whether the purchase is financed through a bank, savings and loan, finance company, credit union or RV dealer, lenders typically require a 10 percent down payment on loans up to $100,000 and 15 percent down for loans over $100,000. Most of the remaining lenders require a 30 percent payment with about 7 percent of lenders requiring up to a 25 percent down payment.

The Interest on Your RV Loan Could be Tax Deductible

For the vast majority of RV buyers, the interest on their RV purchase loan is deductible as second home mortgage interest.

To qualify, the RV must be used as security for the loan and must have:

  • basic sleeping
  • toilet
  • cooking accommodations

Virtually all RV types-motor homes, travel trailers, truck campers and even some folding camping trailers-are equipped with these facilities. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) publishes two booklets that contain helpful information regarding the tax deductibility of RV loan interest. Copies of "Publication 936-Home Interest Deduction" and "Publication 523-Selling Your Home" are available by calling the IRS at 1.800.829.3676.

"Flexible financing options make buying an RV easier than ever," said RVIA President David J. Humphreys. "Families can readily find a vehicle and payment plan to fit their needs. Small towable RVs start as low as $3,500."

Apply for an RV Loan online

Apply for an RV loan by filling out our Online Application

Source: Recreation Vehicle Industry Association

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