Before U Rent Overview

What you need to know B-4 U Rent?

What type of RV are you getting?
At Family RV we have the best rental fleet available for your comfort and enjoyment. Most are newer units with lower miles and with all the extra features you deserve. We buy the top of the line chassis and most of our models are built with the Ford V-10 motor, automatic transmission, cruise control, power windows, remote door locks and upgraded AM/FM/CD/tape player, receiver, awning and even wheel liners.  Most of our models are Winnebago's built products equipped with generator, TV/DVD/ VCR, microwave, fridge, stove plus all the other standard amenities you so desire. All reservations are made by floor plan only, not by year, make, or color.
(ask the others what they are offering!!!)

What shape is it in?
Renting from Family RV is like having your own personal unit.  We offer quality controlled clean RV's at one location. You can visit us and view the RV types we rent and book it for your trip. We are privately owned and care for our units and the quality of your trip. We are large enough that if you have a concern on the road, we can help you with it or get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We have over 75 RV's for rent. Our rental units do not have large advertising graphics or large logos that say who you have rented from all over the sides, front and back of the RV. We want you to enjoy the vehicle as if it were your own without the embarrassing graphics all over the vehicle.
ask the others what their rental vehicles look like!)

Experience behind the rental:
Our staff are trained to help you on all aspects of your rental experience.  If you have rented from us in the past, you know our products and policy, so just check over the RV and you are on your way, we make it fun. (ask the others about their experience)

First Time Renters:
Are you a first time renter? No need to worry, we have a full instructional video for you to watch and take with you, plus we will walk you through the operation of the RV. Traveling in an RV for the first time is fun, bring your pets, our pet policy is simple. Take the whole family with you, stay where you want, for as long as you want. Lakes, rivers, forest, beaches, mountains, sporting events where ever you want to go, the RV can get you there in style.  Half the fun is getting there and traveling in style is what we have to offer. No more hearing the kids or even the adults asking "Are we there yet?!! Eat the food you want, when you want, nap, stretch, play cards, games on the TV, watch a movie, bake a cake, whatever it is you want to can in your very own rental vehicle.

Our repeat customers know the quality of your units and our excellent customer service which is why they keep returning. Just call and ask for a quote or go on-line and get your very own quote and reserve's that easy.  Some shoppers phone shop and compare our prices with others, and go for the lowest price without knowing what they are getting! Unfortunately; they have not done enough research to ensure what they are getting and become disappointed arriving at the others to pick up their unit and find that it is not what they had expected or wanted. The saying goes "You pay for what you get" Don't be disappointed, come down and view our renal display and see why comparing our products to others is important. We are the best at what we do, so visit us today and see for yourself. Our prices are the BEST for what you are getting, DON'T MAKE THIS MISTAKE BY GOING WITH PRICE ONLY!

Before reserving your rental unit, make sure you have done your research. Visit us and view the many different sizes and models available. Choose the size and model that will work for you. Next get a quote, make a reservation, and start planning your trip. Some customers book over the phone or Internet and when coming to pick up their rental unit are surprised that the unit they chose is either too small or too big. So take the time to come down and choose the vehicle that will work for you. We don't know your families needs or how much space you will need so it is important that you view the units yourself.

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