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Deluxe Consignment Plan for Sales Units

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Plan A

Walk through: Unit is inspected by owner and dealer for any interior / exterior features or known problems.

Unit Evaluation: Owner and dealer looks at the NADA for unit value low and high and unit prices from other dealer nation wide.

Unit Set up: Unit is staged for pictures. Open slides, Awning, Interior lights on. Then all stats and pricing are inputted in inventory system. Then all info is uploaded to website.

Advertise on Family RV and websites.

Lot Fee First 30 days Free (after 30days $4.00 FT)

Verification Cost $199.00(minimum) this is normally a 2 hour verification of the functions and operation of the RV.

Motorized RV needs smog. 

Plan B

Includes Plan A plus:  Advertise on 4 websites: Besides we will list on 3 additional sites

Lot Fee First 60 days Free

Plan Cost $299.00

Plan C

Includes Plan A & B plus: Besides Family, Craigslist, Face book, Familyrv site, we will also list your unit on, Twitter,, Facebook Marketplace and You Tube.

Lot Fee First 90 days Free

Plan cost $599.00

Also offered inspection certification starting at $450.00

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