Consignment Terms and Conditions

Our consignment programs varies between the variety of products that we consign for sale.

Below is a summary of our terms and condition:

  1.  Term of consignment agreement is normally 90 days and automatically renews thereafter unless a written notice is given and received by both parties.
  2.  There are 3 inspection plans for you to choose from so you can pick the one that meet your needs.
  3.  Owner fills out the consignment form on the internet, by fax or in person (done on form)
  4.  Owner provides all the appropriate paperwork relating to the RV for sale
  5.  Owner discloses existing bank balances owed to bank to Family RV (done on form)
  6.  Family RV needs to inspect or review previous inspection done on RV to ensure and disclose to buyers condition of RV
  7.  Family RV commission is normally 15% of the sale price or a minimum to the owner or unless an arrangement is made otherwise

Once we have received the consignment form to review we will start the process of identifying the best way of marketing your RV for sale. We will contact you and go over the rest of the needed forms to ensure that there is nothing missing that would prevent Family RV from marketing, showing and selling your RV. It is important that this is all done in a timely manner and that all parties are satisfied with the transaction.


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