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We are dedicated to assisting all RVer's with their service needs.

Stuck for service? Unless you have incredible luck, there will come a time for RV service work beyond the usual maintenance and we have some thoughts on the subject: 

For newer RVs -  take advantage of the initial warranty period. Upon delivery of a new RV, there are apt to be some items that need to be resolved. Take notes during the walk-through, make a comprehensive list and try to get the items resolved before you take off with your new rig. No doubt there will be other items that shakeout as you start using the RV. Keep track and be sure to get these items resolved within the warranty period covered by the manufacturer and/or applicable component supplier. Make sure that the selling dealer makes it right!

Plan ahead - Unless service work is of an emergency nature, book service appointment well ahead of time so to let us schedule the service tech and if needed order the required parts.

Be prepared - Make a list of the work you want done and prioritize. Put it in writing to give to us and we will enter this into our computer system and then have you review for accuracy. Let's make sure it is correct.

Understand root causes - If something is broken or malfunctioning we need to find out why this happened and how it will be repaired or resolved. Otherwise we may end up spending time and money treating symptoms without addressing the underlying problem.

Know who is paying - Understanding what is covered and not covered under manufacturer and component warranties and any extended warranty policy that you may have purchased is very important.

In our experience, when there is any question about who might cover a particular repair item, our service department usually doesn't start the work until it is clear who is responsible. It is best to review all paperwork and find out any deductibles and what is covered or not.

Family RV's 8 bay Service Facility

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Family RV's Body and Paint Booth

Family RV Frequently Asked Service Questions:

  1. What is our labor rate: Our labor rate is $139.00 per hour for coach work and chassis, detailing and cleaning services available.
  2. We do warranty work for vehicles that were purchased from us.
  3. We do service contract work and extended warranty work for most companies. Prior approval is needed before work can commence or if you wish we can do the work for you, be paid by you and then submit this work order to the warranty company for collection.  When funds are recieve you will be re-imbursed for the monies we have received less administrative and processing fees. Insurance work welcomed
  4. We work with all insurance companies to process damage claims. We understand, from the years of doing insurance work, that the best way to handle insurance claims to see that the work is done correctly the first time. This saves the insured and the insurance company time and money. 
  5. Public dump station: Yes - It is open Monday through Saturday from 8am - 5pm. Cost is $20.00 per dump. (Monday mornings are extremely busy with rental returns, so please wait until the afternoon).
  6. We do sell propane Monday through Saturday from 8AM to 5PM. Propane is sold at $ 4.05 per gallon with a minimum of 5 gallons.
  7. Do we sell and install hitches: We sell and install the best quality hitches; Pullrite, Husky, and Reese, plus more and our prices are very competitive. Time for installation varies from 3 to 5 hours.
  8. Do we install brake controllers: Parts and labor start at approximately $225.00. Prices vary depending on the vehicle and it takes approximately 1 hour to do in most cases.

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