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Consignment Overall Excellent 

We just saw the posting on your web site and want to express our happiness. You did in a few days what East Bay RV couldn't do it 6 months...thanks! I did see a few things on the listing that may need to be checked. 1. Sleeps 4 (I believe it sleep 6 - sofa bed, table conversion bed, master bed) 2. It says there is no outdoor shower (not sure, but I thought there was one near the rear on the driver side..the compartment right behind the rear tire...don't quote me...just recall seeing something back there). Thanks again!!

Always Buys from Family RV
Overall Excellent

I've purchased my last two RVs from Family RV. My most recent purchase, a 30-ft Traillight travel trailer, has been exceptional. Family RV has always treated me excellently and has consistently provided fantastic customer service. The owner, Alan, is superb, and I have had a very enjoyable customer experience interacting with Ray, Matt and Subrina. Family RV is always my #1 choice for RV services. I highly recommend Family RV to anyone looking to buy, rent, repair or equip an RV.

Almaden Valley
RV Purchase results
Hello all. Wanted to tell you about my experiance buying a motorhome at Family RV I walked on the lot knowing what I wanted to see becasue I had checked there inventory online. Rick ( great guy) met me in the lot and we looked at the unit I was interested in. He showed me all around the unit and it was beautiful clean and shinny. We made the deal but I had no place to put the motorhome at that time. Rick offered to store it there on the lot till I could get a place ready for it. It took me about two weeks to get a place ready for the motorhome. They never said a word about it taking to long and never charged me a dime for storage. Great guys for sure. I drove it off the lot and Rick followed me to my home so he could return me to the lot to get my car. Two hours after I got home I thought I had fryed something in the motorhome (My fault). I was freaking out. I called Family RV and talked to Alan (the boss) He assured me that it was something very simple and told me to check a couple of things and if that didnt work then he would send someone over to check it out at no charge to me. I checked the things that he told me to check, found the problem and in less then one minute had it fixed and it worked great. Thanks Alan and Rick for a great experiance I owe you some smoked salmon. Thanks Family RV
David Lock
San Jose

Why I deal with FRV
In the 5 years l've owned the RV it has served me well. l've taken it annually to South Tahoe in June for the Renaissance Faire there, as well as to Valleio and Gilroy in late summer for the faires there. There were also many trips to Disneyland we found a park within three blocks of the park Entrance! so many in fact that my youngest daughter and I had annual passes for three years. Alas, my daughter grew up and went off to college. My best friend married a man in another country so my partner in crime is no longer available.It's down to just me, and the RV seems so big after having three ladies in hoop skirts or full peasant garb bumping around and giggling in it. Or enjoying champagne and watching the rain come pouring down making the faire a mud pit while we were warm, dry and watching videos. In the last year, my son has used it the most, taking it as a crew rest area for the many festivals and concerts he does lighting for over the summer. High Sierra, Outside Land, you name it, the RV has been behind the scenes. He loved the convenience of pulling up right behind the stage, hooking up to the main generator, and having air condition available on demand. He also got to pocket the perdiem hotel fee. His boss was happy he was right on site if needed. It's been a wonder hotel room on wheels for us.We bought it from Family RV, gently used with 30,000 miles on it, and totally maintained. ln the subsequent years,we brought it back to be serviced there.When my daughter accidental stepped on a skylight and cracked it while washing the roof,I thought I might be able to fix it. But Family RV was able to find the parts,and install it, far better than my attempts.I l earned my lesson.I naturally wanted to return to FamilyRV to sell my baby. They have treated me well through the years, and they have bent over backwards to ensure I am happy with all my dealings.They are wonderful folks.

San Jose


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