Insurance FAQ

 Please review the FAQ questions below, if you still have more questions on insurance please review or page about it here.

What do I need from my auto insurance company in order to rent from you?

Insurance companies have several names for what you will need. It can be called a binder, endorsement, or writer.

What is a binder, endorsement, or writer?

It is a form that your auto insurance company fills out that extends your current auto coverage's and deductibles to the Motor home you are renting.

What kind of coverage's do I need to have in order to rent from you?

If you are renting a Motor home or Trailer you will need to have comprehensive, collision, and liability. 

What is needed on the binder, endorsement, or writer?

It will need to show your coverage's, deductibles, your name, policy number, the effective dates, your agents name and phone number, signature of your agent, the Motor homes year, make, and vin number, and Family RV has to be listed as the loss payee, lienholder, or owned by.

Where do I get the Motor home's year, make, and vin number?

You can find this information on your rental confirmation that was emailed to you when your reserved. If you have lost it, contact your rental agent.

What if I have AAA Insurance?

You will still need to contact them to have them fax Family RV a cetificate of insurance. 

Does it cost to get a binder, endorsement, or writer?

You will need to contact your auto insurance carrier to see if they will charge you a fee.

What if my insurance company doesn't do binders, endorsements, or writers?

Contact your rental agent to see if insurance is available to purchase on the Motor home or Trailer you are renting.

How do I send the binder, endorsement, or writer to you?

Your insurance agent will need to fax or email it to our office at least 2 weeks before your departure date so that we can verify it and make sure it is the correct form and coverage's.

Can additional drivers drive the Motor home besides me?

As long as they are listed as a driver on your auto insurance policy and they must be present on your pick up day and bring their valid drivers license. 

What if I don't have comprehensive, collision, and liability and only have one or two of the coverage's?

Contact your auto insurance company and see if you can add the additional coverage's onto your policy. 


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