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Trailer Rentals Policies and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Family Travel Trailer for your Travel Trailer needs. Please read the following Trailer Policies and Conditions carefully. It forms any rental agreement you make with Family RV. After you've read it you'll find a link to our Online Trailer reservation form. The link appears immediately following the Policies and Conditions. Rental prices, Policies and Conditions are subject to change without notice. Most trailer rentals require a 2 5/16" Ball, brake controller, and other towing equipment.

1. Rental Payment: If reservation is made within 30 days of departure date, the total rental payment is due at time of reservation. If the reservation is made outside of 30 days, a reservation down payment of $1000.00 for Trailers will be due and $1500.00 for 5th Wheels. Down payments and rental payments are non-refundable for rental dates 8/20 - 9/10. The balance of the rental is due 30 days prior to the departure date unless the rental dates are 8/20-9/10 then the rental balance is due 60 days prior to the pick-up date. Rental fees can be paid by Master Card, Visa, Discover, cashier's check or personal check. If paying by check, check must be received 4 weeks prior to departure date. The security deposit must be paid by a credit card with the renter's name on the card. Checks are not accepted at time of pick-up. 1a. Labor Day/Burning Man Rentals: All rentals booked with the rental dates of 8/20 – 9/10 will have a $2000.00 security deposit for any type of rental unit, if they provided an insurance binder. If renter purchases Family RV's primary insurance for $19.95 per day the security deposit will be $3,000 for Trailers, 5th Wheels, and Toy Haulers.

2. Cancellation Fee: All cancellations need to be submitted in writing to If the rental is canceled from the time the reservation is made, or up until 30 days prior to departure date, renter forfeits 50% of the down payment. If the rental is canceled within 30 days of the departure date, is a no show, or does not pick-up the rental within the pick-up times allowed, there will be no refund. The security deposit will be refunded the same way it was paid. Cancellation insurance is available at a cost of $200.00 per contract and must be purchased at time of the initial reservation. The cancellation insurance allows you to cancel up to 72 hours before departure and only forfeit the $200.00 on original scheduled dates, cannot be used towards rescheduled dates. Cancellation insurance not available for rental dates 8/20 – 9/10. If the cancellation is made within 72 hours of the departure date, there will be no refund. If renter cancels because their insurance company will not cover the Travel Trailer, cancellation fees apply.

3. Rental Floor Plans: Reservations are made by floor plan only, not by year, make, unit number, or color. Most units are for sale and may be sold before your departure, if so, you will be contacted to choose another model. Family RV will do its best to accommodate you with the floor plan that you have chosen, Family RV reserves the right to substitute vehicles of similar, older, newer, smaller, or larger grade. Should a smaller floor plan be offered, liability will be limited to refund of price differential between model paid for and model taken.

4. Contract Changes: Renter can change rental dates once if change is made 30 days in advance of rental pick-up date, excluding rental bookings with rental dates from 8/20 – 9/10. No refunds will be given on days that were originally booked, then shortened. Rescheduled dates must be within the same calendar year, if original booked dates were summer rates, the summer rates will apply if rescheduled dates are in the winter. Name or credit card changes are not allowed on a already booked reservation.

5. Delivery / pick-up costs: If you would like a Family RV driver to deliver and pick-up your rental vehicle to you (1 month minimum rental required) a charge of $85.00 per hour with a 2-hour minimum will be charged. The delivery charge is calculated from the driver’s departure from Family RV to the subsequent return to Family RV. Traffic, on road accidents, or bad weather can delay driver and renter is still responsible for the driver’s time. Renter must provide a detailed and legible map with full directions before departure date. Delivery site must be free of shrubs, debris, and the delivery site must be wide enough to allow maneuverability for the driver. If you are unsure if the location is suitable for the vehicle being delivered, we can provide a pre-inspection at an additional cost. Please call for costs. If you would like the unit set-up, there is a $30.00 set and tear down fee please let your rental agent know ahead of time of you would like this.

6. Preparation Fee: Prep fee includes a complete walk through and instruction of the Travel Trailer/5th Wheel, a full tank of propane, sanitation chemicals, and the emptying of all holding tanks upon return. Prep fees are as follows: Trailers $155.00, $235.00 on 5th Wheels. Due to the water drought and request from the city, the fresh water tank will not be filled.

7. Travel Trailer/5th Wheel Rental pick-up & Return Times: Your Travel Trailer/5th Wheel rental pick-up times are between 2pm - 4pm (Monday – Saturday) based on vehicle readiness. Please call at 1pm on your pick-up day to get your approximate pick-up time. If you show up without calling first your vehicle may not be ready and there may be a wait. The check out and check in process can take up to 2 hours each - please allow yourself enough time. If you would like to leave a personal vehicle on out lot while you are on your trip, you can do so for $10.00 per day per vehicle per contract. Family RV will not be responsible for any damages to the renter’s vehicle or personal belongings left by the renter. Early pick-up times may be pre-arranged 2 days before pick-up date (subject to vehicle readiness) as follows:

  • Early morning pick-up between 10:00 am - 12:00 pm - $45.00 fee.
  • Early afternoon pick-up between 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm - $30.00 fee.
Return time is between 9am - 11:00 am Monday – Saturday. Any extension of rental or late returns must be approved by a rental manager. There are No pick-up’s or returns on Sunday’s or major holidays. There are no refunds for early returns. The Travel Trailer/5th Wheel must be returned clean inside and out. If the Travel Trailer/5th Wheel is not returned clean inside and out, a $50 per hour cleaning fee (1hr minimum for exterior) will be charged. Renter must pick-up & drop off the rental vehicle him or herself. No Exceptions!

8. Travel Areas: During the winter months we do not recommend that you travel to or through snow areas, use snow chains, or travel where the weather is below freezing. Tire chains can damage tires if not properly installed and the holding tanks may freeze and burst, the renter will be responsible to pay for any damages caused and any loss of revenue until the rental vehicle can be rented again. All rental vehicles are not allowed directly on any beach/sand area as doing so can cause damage to the rental vehicle and for the rental vehicle to become stuck in the sand/beach. All damages/towing/cleaning fees or other fees from the rental vehicle being parked or taken on a beach/sand area will be billed to the renter.

9. On Road Concerns: If you have concerns or have equipment operation questions you should contact Family RV during business hours at 408-612-4700. Please be sure to bring a cell phone on your trip. Renter must call Coach Net or Family RV for assistance to help with all concerns. If you are not in a area that has cell phone reception, you will need to get to an area where you can call us for assistance, or use a landline. No reimbursement for out of pocket expenses will be paid to renter unless prior authorization has been given by a manager from Family RV, and receipts of repairs are given to Family RV on return. If renter is at fault for any damage, or operation failure, renter will be responsible for all rentals, repairs, and any loss of future rental income. If the stove, oven, bathroom, refrigerator, freezer, or heater malfunction and were not usable and it was not caused by the renter, you may be reimbursed up to $5.00 per day at the Managers discretion. Please note: Although these vehicles are maintained regularly, the Travel Trailer/5th Wheel is like a house in an earthquake, so we recommend that you bring a tool kit with a 12-volt test light, tape, fuses, cell phone, and a cooler. Having these with you can ensure a safe and trouble-free trip.

10. Smoking and Pet Policy: There is No Smoking in any of the Travel Trailers/5th Wheels. If the Travel Trailer/5th Wheel returns with a smoke odor, renter will be charged additional fees to remove the smoke odor. Costs will vary but could be up to $500.00. Please let your rental agent know if you will be bringing any pets in the rental, there is a $150.00 pet cleaning fee per pet that will be added to your rental. If the cleaning for your pet (s) exceeds 3 hours you will be billed at $50hr. If your pet(s) cause damage to the rental, the damage amounts will be deducted from the security deposit.

11. Renter Damage: If the Travel Trailer/5th Wheel is returned with damage, renter is responsible to pay all damage costs whether the renter was at fault or not or if damage was caused by acts of nature (Wind, rain, earthquake, fire, flood, etc.). If an accident occurs, renter is responsible for obtaining a police report, contacting the renter's insurance company and contacting a rental agent at Family RV immediately at (408)612-4700. Renter(s) who's names appear on contract are the only authorized drivers to tow the Travel Trailer/5th Wheel. The renter (Name on contract) is responsible for all rental costs and any and all damages. Renters with an insurance endorsement will need to go through their insurance company for reimbursement. If damage amounts are substantial and a claim must be submitted, and renter is responsible for any and all damages, loss of revenue, deductibles, or additional expenses not covered by insurance. Check in time may take up 2 hours for damage estimating, please allow yourself enough time. Family RV will estimate the damage and expedite the repairs.

12. Insurance for Travel Trailers/5th Wheels: Renter is to obtain an insurance binder from their own auto insurance company that shows the RV rental as the insured vehicle. If renter's insurance does not extend to the rental unit, renter can purchase primary insurance through Family RV for $19.95 per day. Deductibles with the primary insurance are $1000.00 (Trailer) $1500.00 - $2000.00 (5th Wheels) per occurrence. To purchase Family RV's insurance renter must be 27 years of age or older and have a valid driver's license ** See #25 for coverage description. It is the renter's responsibility to contact their insurance company for a binder and to give the insurance company the information on the vehicle they are renting. The vehicle information must be on the form as the insured vehicle that the agent faxes over. Renter must call Family RV before their departure to acknowledge receipt of the binder. The renter cannot leave with the rental vehicle unless the insurance binder has been received and is acceptable to Family RV.

13. Appliances: The A/C, Awning, Radio, Microwave etc. are convenience items. If any malfunctions should occur with any of these items, no compensation will be made to the renter. For assistance please contact Coach Net for assistance, their number and information will be given to you at your pick-up.

14. Tires: Tires are the responsibility of the renter once the rental unit leaves Family RV's lot. If you would like to purchase tire protection, please speak with your rental agent to get more information.

15. Dry Camping is not advised: Trailer rentals do not have generators, if you will be staying at a site that does not have electrical hook ups you will be "Dry Camping" (not connected to an external power source). Concerns will most likely arise due to a low battery or failure. The battery will continue to become low until renter is connected to a external power source. Family RV is not responsible for the battery being low or any appliance or Trailer malfunctions of the vehicle due to dry camping, NO reimbursements will be given for "Dry Camping Malfunctions". So please hook up to an external power source or bring a generator on your trip, we do rent generators.
    15a. Toy Hauler Rental: The toy hauler comes equipped with a onboard generator, you will receive 2 hours free per day and then it is $3.00hr thereafter.

16. Early Returns / Extending Rental Dates: Renter is responsible for looking over the rental contract to ensure that all rentals costs and rental dates are correct before they leave on their rental. If renter wishes to extend their rental dates, renter must call Family RV at 408-612-4700 for approval. There are NO refunds for early returns. If renter does not return on their scheduled return date and has not called Family RV for approval to extend, renter will be charged additional rental day (s), inconvenience fees, or loss of revenue whichever is greater.

17. Parking/Traffic Violations: Renter is responsible for reporting and payment of all parking/traffic violations at rental return. Non- reporting of parking/traffic violations breaches the Rental Contract and may result in an administrative charge of up to $100 in addition to the fines.

18. Late pick-ups: No refunds will be given for late pick-ups, no shows, or early returns.

19. Security Deposit: The security deposit is refunded (if returned with no damage, clean in/out, no amounts owing) 7 business days after return of vehicle if paid by credit card or cash, 21 days from return if paid by check.

20. Additional Drivers: Renter(s) whose names appear on rental contract are the only authorized drivers to tow the Trailer/5th Wheel.

21. Long-Term Trailer/5th Wheel Rentals: If renter is renting a trailer/5th Wheel for 30 days or longer and the unit is going to be parked on their residential or commercial property and not be moved, it is considered a long-term rental. Renter is responsible for any malfunctions with the long-term trailer rental after 30 days from start of rental contract unless renter has purchased a long-term maintenance agreement (See #22).

22. Long-Term Maintenance Agreement: A renter can purchase a long-term maintenance agreement at the time their reservation is made if they are renting a Trailer/5th Wheel for 30 days or more. The maintenance agreement is $40.00 per month with a $100.00 deductible and covers all parts & labor costs to repair appliances, holding tanks, water, heating, & cooling system to the trailer/5th Wheel if required repair was not caused by renter or user error. If a service call is required, and the Family RV technician determines that the required repair was user error or was caused by the renter, renter is responsible for the full-service call cost plus parts & labor. With the maintenance agreement there is a traveling fee to and from the site where the trailer/5th Wheel is at a rate of $25.00 per hour per trip if maintenance agreement was purchased and required repair was not caused by renter or user error. If the maintenance agreement was not purchased or required repair was caused by renter or user error, renter is responsible for all parts, labor, and regular traveling costs of $75.00 per hour to repair the trailer. Service Maintenance agreement calls must be within a 50-mile radius from Family RV.

23. Responsibility of Damage and Loss: Renter is responsible for the following:

  1. All damage to the rented vehicle
  2. Loss of use of the rented vehicle while it is being repaired
  3. Diminution of the vehicle’s value caused by damage to it or repair of it (Not covered by insurance). The diminution in value charge is 2% the value of the rented vehicle.
  4. Missing equipment
  5. Our administration fees connected with any damage claims, regardless whether or not renter is at fault. Ranges from $0 to $150 (Cal. Civil Code 1936 (b) (6)).
  6. Theft and vandalism
  7. Renter must report all accidents and/or damage within 6 hours of the occurrence. Renter agrees to pay such damage costs from credit sources listed in renter's rental contract and resume all responsibility to submit accident reports and claims to the proper authorities.

24. Hook up of rented Trailer/5th Wheel: Renter is to provide their own tow hitch for towing and to ensure that they have all proper hook up on their tow vehicle to tow the Trailer/5th Wheel. It is the renter’s responsibility to hook up their tow vehicle to the rented Trailer/5th Wheel, Family RV will instruct renter how to hook up and disconnect the unit to the tow vehicle but renter in the end will connect the Trailer/5th Wheel to their tow vehicle before departing Family RV’s lot.

25. Check out of rented Trailer/5th Wheel: Renter will be given a walk-through of their rental Trailer/5th Wheel on their pick-up day. It is the renter's responsibility to ensure that they understand all functions of the Trailer/5th Wheel before departing, and to mark down all pre-existing damages on the check-out sheet. If renter has any questions or concerns with the rental unit prior to departing Family RV’s lot, renter must inform the rental department so that the concerns or questions can be addressed before departure.