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Why Rent a Class B RV from Family?

The Class B provides comfortable sleeping quarters and all of the necessities of life. They are the easiest to drive and maneuver. They are Great to take on quick day trips or a very long road trip. They can comfortably accommodate from one to three travelers depending on the floor plan, and our Rentals are fully self-contained, enjoying access to a refrigerator, sink, hot water, shower, toilet, air conditioning and heating.

There aren't many companies who rent Class B RV's, We at Family RV provide multiple types of Class B RV's for your next Adventure

  • Compact but well-equipped.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Can be parked in a driveway.
  • Great fuel economy and cost of operation.

Any experienced driver can take the wheel, and drive with ease. The modern vans are quiet, comfortable and great for the very long road trips.

Family RV has the unique advantage of both Renting and Selling Class B RV's, so you can Try Before You Buy the RV it, talk to our Sales Rep to find out more.

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