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Why Rent a Class C RV from Family?

If you want a rig that's easy to drive, a little bit more fuel efficient, but still comes with all the amenities, the Class C RV might be right for you. They are built on a Van chassis, which makes some people feel much more comfortable driving them than big Class As. They feature all the comforts needed to enjoy your next Adventure including Bunk Beds in some models, a full Kitchen, Entertainment area, and sleeping galore.

We at Family RV provide multiple types of Class C RV's for your next Adventure

  • Full Kitchen.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Cab-over bed.
  • Built closer to the ground, convenient entrance and exit.
  • Living area is accessible while the vehicle is moving

Any experienced driver can take the wheel, and drive with cautious ease. The modern vans are quiet, comfortable and great for the very long road trips.

Family RV has the unique advantage of both Renting and Selling Class B RV's, so you can Try Before You Buy the RV it, talk to our Sales Rep to find out more.